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Greenville North Seventh-day Adventist Church
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Seventh-day Adventist® Church
Verified Volunteer Instructions

All church members are required to take training for how to protect and work with our youth. If you are volunteering to work with our youth in any capacity, you will need to take the following training. Please follow the instructions below:
  • Go to NCS Risk website by clicking on
  • Under "Select your Union", Select "Southern" and continue
  • Under "Select your Conference", select "Carolina Conference" and continue.
  • After selecting the conference, you will be routed to the Registration Screen.
  • Fill out the necessary information.
  • You may add the lists of the locations which you are associated with.
  • Select your role. Please always be reminded to choose your role first before proceeding to the next step as the training course will not be assigned if no role has been selected.
  • Based on your involvement with the conference, you should be routed to the training page. This should be completed first before you could proceed with the background check.
  • Once the training course has been completed, you should be routed to submit a background check. Please complete the required information and click on “Submit”.
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